Donation Request

Sunset Golf Club receives multiple requests each week for charitable donations. In an attempt to help as many organizations as our donation budget will allow in an equitable manner, Sunset Golf Club has established the following policy and procedures.

Due to the number of request we receive, phone call and email requests will not be considered. Please follow the procedures described below and return by mail or drop off the appropriate forms and information in person to the pro shop. If Sunset Golf Club has donated to your organization in the past, please follow the appropriate procedure to be considered again this year.

Eligible Organizations- In general, donations are considered for specific community institutions and programs aligned with our belief of enhancing the quality of life for our immediate community. In particular, not-for-profit, tax exempt organizations under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue code, Including educational institutions and government agencies residing in and serving Huntingdon County, PA. Sunset Golf Club does not make donations to: individuals, political programs, groups or associations or youth traveling athletic teams or clubs. 

How to request a donation- Organizations need to follow the guidelines below when requesting a donation.

  1. Please print the form below. 

  2. Fully complete the form and return with:

  • Letter of request on appropriate letterhead verifying the date, purpose and location of the event.​

  • A 501(c)3 form or other appropriate information verifying not-for-profit status.

 3. Willing and able to provide Sunset Golf Club with appropriate documentation for a charitable donation.